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Let’s go to… San Marino!

Way back in the distant before times of the start of February, we took the unusual decision to head south for the weekend, away from the mountains. …

Let’s go to… San Marino!
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San Marino | Geography, History, Capital, & Language | Britannica

San Marino, small republic on the slopes of Mount Titano that is surrounded on all sides by the republic of Italy.
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Republic of San Marino Working with VeChain to Develop Low Carbon Ecosystem – NewsLogical

The world’s oldest republic, San Marino, is now working closely with VeChain blockchain technology and DNV GL to develop a new project that
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San Marino: Ultimate Travel Guide for First-time Visitors

Everything you may want to know when traveling to San Marino. Why visit, what to see, best things to do, and practical information for your trip. Find out!
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The Multicolored Diary: Children of San Marino (Following folktales around the world 81. – San Marino)
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Novelline San Marino the heritage of popular culture


sconosciuto – University of Tartu Library
Walter Anderson, saksa folklorist

In 1927 Walter Anderson, one of the greatest scholars of folklore of the twentieth century, following his stay in San Marino, published the first book of “San Marino popular novelline”.

In 1929 he published the short stories of the western part of the territory of the Republic, later in 1933, those of the eastern part.
These publications were the result of a job that Anderson had done in the Republic choosing the short stories and other folkloric material that the students of the San Marino schools had written, partly in dialect and partly in Italian, under the guidance of their teachers.
Andderson gave the title to each short story, which was missing from the manuscripts, and for each it specified:
a) the name, age, class, home, place of birth of the pupil who wrote it, the date of this fact;
b) the type number of the short story, according to the Aarne catalog;
c) the main biographies that exist on the short story in question;
d) the places where the reader can find biographical lists of the versions of the short story;
e) the variants that are included in the list;
f) the area of ​​the short story;
g) the oldest version among those known;
The collection includes 118 novelline which according to the content it would be appropriate to divide into fairy tales, fairy tales, legends and true short stories.
Precise characteristics distinguish these genres.
The fable has as its protagonists the talking animals, good or bad, which well represent the human merits or defects.
The Fairy Tale has as main characters individuals capable of accomplishing exceptional achievements, some with magical powers.
The Legend is the prodigious narrative of the life of a Saint.
In the Novellina we are confronted with the appearances and paradoxes of reality.

In the popular stories of San Marino there are numerous findings with short stories from Romagna or from other regions of Italy. The plot is linear and exemplified, many reveal some stylistic limitations regarding expressive efficacy, we must not forget that they were written by children aged between 7 and 13 years old and not by people accustomed to telling stories.

In this collection there are dialectal texts from the different schools of the Republic, it is therefore possible to understand the diversity of the San Marino dialectal speech in relation to the areas of the territory.
The “San Marino” short stories, as documented by Anderson himself, are widespread, like any product of popular culture, in a much wider area. Among the most widespread short stories in San Marino, there is a fairy tale “the wolf and the three ocarinas” which in the collection is present in more than a dozen versions, those written in Italian are an interesting material for the study of popular Italian.

The narrative is characterized by great simplicity, so the use of coordination is normal and the frequency of subordination is scarce. There are expressive forms typical of dialect and also linguistic forms imperfect from a grammatical point of view but typical of common language, a true heritage of popular culture.

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San Marino

Travel San Marino is a perfect destination to visit from Bologna. A lot of people go just for a day trip, but I read that it is nice to be there for …

San Marino
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Republic of San Marino – A walk through history and freedom

Nestled on one of the Italian Peninsula hills, just 1 hour and half drive from Bologna, the Republic of San Marino is one of the oldest and smallest …

Republic of San Marino – A walk through history and freedom

by Antonello De Oto Only a few years after Garibaldi’s “escape” in San Marino, where the hero of the two worlds found hospitality hunted by the Austrians in the most serious hour[1], a new fearful danger for the survival of the oldest Republic in the world loomed on the horizon.

The Republic of San Marino and the practice of worship in the Covid-19 era: between history, common law and emergency decrees. — DiReSoM
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San Marino – Most Underrated Destination In Europe’s !! — Live Life & Travel More

San Marino, The Country completely surrounded by Italy And the 5th smallest country around the world. it just has 24 sq mi area with around 33.5k population. San Marino is a little, free country totally encompassed by Italy. It has a terrific area, settled in the mountains close to the Adriatic Sea. The capital city, […]

San Marino – Most Underrated Destination In Europe’s !! — Live Life & Travel More

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