Posted by: Consulate of the Republic of San Marino | April 24, 2012

Fountain of Youth in San Marino

     Everyone seeks to be forever young.  But no matter how much we long for eternal youth, we can only prolong it.  Living healthy, good food, less stress and a non-polluted environment can help extend your life.  According to different articles and statistics ( 10 Places to Move Abroad and Extend Your Life ), the Republic of San Marino is one of the best places to live and have a longer life.

Being the most serene republic, it lives to its title.   Wherein the gravest crime is stealing and having the lowest number of prisoners.  In one of the news articles, it was stated that prison food was even ordered in restaurants because it was more economical than preparing food for just one prisoner. ( The ‘world’s most pampered – and bored – prisoner’ )

The lifestyle in this microstate is very laid back.  The environment is free from pollution and very relaxing.  Different kinds of sports are usually done here and most people engage in these kinds of outdoors activities.

So for those who want to live their life close to nature and a peaceful one, better try to migrate to this serene republic.  They say that the secret to a longer life is to be born in San Marino. (Secret of long life)


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