Posted by: Consulate of the Republic of San Marino | August 29, 2014

San Marino – An Italian Weekend Away


You know life is good when a conversation about what to do over the long weekend goes something like this:

Me: What should we do for the long weekend?

Boyfriend: Lets go to Italy

Me: Italy?

Boyfriend: Yeah…Italy!

So we packed up our big yellow bus / kidnapping van / rudimentary campervan and headed off in the wee hours of Friday morning. After the obligatory stops at Italian grocery stores to pick up delicious cheese inspired snacks, some car songs and fighting over stuff you fight about after you’ve been sitting in a tin box with someone for eight hours, we arrived! Hurrah!

Our first stop was Ravenna, a beautiful beachside town on the east coast of Italy. Not having seen the sea since my trip to Mallorca in May – I was hanging out for a bit of beachy relaxation.

What I wasn’t expecting was 10,000 other people, a…

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