Posted by: Consulate of the Republic of San Marino | June 9, 2021

San Marino Culture Series: Traditional Crafts

By: Estelle Via Perello

The making of Craft art has been around for centuries all over the world. Generally made from raw materials, this assembly of hand-made goods involves making items with great skills, personal creativity, and expression into something that is valued as a piece of workmanship which is not only attractive but can also be useful as well. This involves a variety of art forms: Sculpting, Metal work, Textiles, Woodcraft, Papercraft, Pottery and Glass crafts, Jewelry, etc. 

In today’s San Marino Culture Series, we’re going to talk about traditional crafts made in the Most Serene Republic of San Marino.

San Marino is praised for their craftsmanship as their craftsmen and artisans have been using ancient techniques to make valuable local crafts for many centuries.  It is spectacular how Sammarinese preserve their rich heritage and culture by passing down these special skills from generations to generations. 

These valuable local crafts that are made have thrived more because of San Marino’s tourism industry as these works are sold in many of the markets across the country. These works of art are enjoyed by a lot of visitors in the country and have enjoyed purchasing them along with having all products be tax-free. 

San Marino Ceramics

Ceramics is considered as one of the country’s major industries. The pottery of San Marino are inspired and done in both medieval designs and contemporary styles. Plates, tiles, and frames that are from workshops and shops are all hand-painted which represents the history and legend of San Marino. In most cases, these works bear the official symbols such as the coat of arms and crest, mount titano, the three fortresses, and Saint Agata. 

San Marino Sculpting and Stone Carving

The patron saint, San Marino was a stonemason in which this is the reason why Sammarinese values stone-working. The region’s white sandstone is usually quarried then carved into beautiful statues, building stones, friezes, and other objects. Stone-work in San Marino has been in practice since the ancient times. 

San Marino Metal Work

San Marino also does traditional production of items through metal work. Materials usually used are copper and wrought-iron, glass and precious metals made into souvenir goods such as keychains, plates, decorations, and many other metal crafts. 

San Marino Coins and Stamps 

Speaking of metal crafts, coins in San Marino along with their stamps are produced in a truly unique and prestigious way. Just like their ceramics, they also put designs in which are artistically done to depict significant events and personalities in the country. Specifically, all are designed to pay tribute to the cultural, political, and historical events and personalities which are significant to the country, Europe, and to the whole world. 

With all these picturesque designs and uniqueness, coins and stamps in San Marino are widely sought by a lot of philatelic and numismatic enthusiasts and collectors all over the world. 

Other Traditional Crafts of San Marino 

There are many other traditional crafts that are made locally in San Marino, having it all become traditional souvenirs for visitors to collect and enjoy. These are ranging from treasures, like gold and silver items, to the mementos of the past, such as crossbows and precision materials. 

Along with that paintings, wood carving, tile work, leather goods, jewelry, refined lace and embroidery, and textiles are also traditional crafts in San Marino which are showcased in street corners and piazzas. 

Artigianato Sammarinese

Due to the legacy that the Republic of San Marino has in terms of their crafts, they established the Artigianato Sammarinese (Designation of Origin and Typicality) in the year 1995. It is established to upgrade and promote the traditional production of such items.


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