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San Marino Culture Series: Sammarinese Life

By Estelle Via Perello

In this very small country of the Republic of San Marino, we have known this beautiful country for their historical sites and greatly preserved culture. A lot of us may be curious–”How do the people from San Marino live their life in that small country?”. 

In today’s culture series, we are going to go all throughout the life of the Sammarinese people.

The life in San Marino is of high standards in terms of health, security, education, and environmental protection. Additionally, having a very low crime rate. This makes the most serene republic a heaven for many people because of the quality of life that the people living there are having.
Presently, San Marino is aiming to increasingly propose itself as a “model state” in terms of sustainable development that is inspired by having utmost respect in its own territory and resources. Here are the following aspects of a Sammarinese life.

Population in San Marino

    The current population of San Marino based on the latest United Nations is estimated for about 33,900 as of 2021. Its rank is 218 in the list of countries and dependencies by populations, making it one of the smallest countries in the world. Today its population density is 566 per Km2 (having a total land area of 60Km2). 97.1% of the population is living in urban areas.

The Language of the Sammarinese

    The official of San Marino is Italian. Since the Sammarinese are mostly from the Italian ancestry, it is spoken by all of them. However, their Italian is very distinctive, having certain words and phrases that are unique to San Marino. Many Sammarinese also speak in dialect particularly of the Romagna, the region of Italy where San Marino is located. 

The Religion of the Sammarinese

    Having their founder as a Saint, the country is predominantly Catholic state having Roman Catholicism as the religion of almost all the Sammarinese people. There are ceremonies that mark many official occasions which are held in the country’s churches.  There are also a minority of Jewish and Protestant in the country. 

The Major Holidays that they Celebrate

    The Sammarinese people observe the standard holidays in the Christian calendar just like any other country that has Roman Catholicism as their major religion. These holidays include:

  • The Epiphany (January 6)
  • Easter and Easter Monday (in March or April)
  • The Ascension Day (in May)
  • The Assumption Day (August 15)
  • Immaculate Conception (December 8)
  • Christmas (December 25)

Meanwhile, Legal days in San Marino are:

  • New Year’s Day (January 1)
  • Labor Day (May 1)
  • August Bank Holiday (August 14 to 16)
  • All Saints’ Day (November 1)
  • Commemoration of the Dead (November 2)

The Sammarinese people also have their 5 national holidays in which they observe important historical or political events. These are:

  • The 1740 Military victory (February 5)
  • The Anniversary of Arengo (March 25)
  • The investiture of Captain Regent (April 1 and October 1, every year)
  • Feast Day of San Marino and the anniversary of the country’s founding (September 3)

Sammarinese’ Rites of Passage

The Republic of San Marino is a Catholic country, that’s why many of the rites of passage of young Sammarinese undergo religious ceremonies such as Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, and Marriage. 

In addition to this, in terms of education, just like any other culture in the world, a student’s progress through the education system is marked by many families with graduation parties.


    People of San Marino do take care of their relationships meaningfully. They show the same basic openness and friendliness found among the neighboring Italians. Because of this, they have the quality of great character where it is important to the success of their nation’s big tourism industry. They are accustomed to welcoming people all over the world.

Another thing is that they have great respect towards the elderly in which is considered as an important social tradition. 

Family Life

People of San Marino are also family-centered. Here are some of the things that Sammarinese people do in their family life:

  • In terms of marriage, there are approximately eight marriages per one thousand and its divorce rate is very low. 
  • If older family members are no longer able to care for themselves, they usually live with their younger relatives.
  • Children often continue to live at home with their parents into adulthood. They usually move out and start their independence one their higher education is completed and as they start their own families. 

Family life in San Marino is given importance in terms of government. They provide financial allowances to families with children

The Sammarinese Clothing

    Just like any other countries in Europe, especially on the western side, the Sammarinese wear a modern Western-style clothing. 

However, during their cultural events and ceremonies they have brightly colored costumes that are connected to their traditions:

  • The young members of the flag bearers’ – they wear brightly colored tights, black boots, and loosely fitting colored shirts that go along with black belts.
  • The honor guards of the Captain Regent – they wear black uniforms with gold trim, their trousers have gold stripes, and they wear high plumed hats that have blue and white feathers.

The Sammarinese Food

    The Sammarinese people’s enjoyment of food is considered to be an important part of their lifestyle. The meals that they have are a daily part of their family life and socializing that’s why they have a great, detailed, and unique taste especially when preparing their meals. The food that they eat is considered to them as traditional as it comes from their own methods of cooking made with their very own ingredients locally produced in the country. 

Generally in San Marino, they’re diet usually goes with homemade pastas, cheese, and meat. They also have delicious traditional sweets that are inspired by their very own Mount Titano, and along with that they have a very distinct red and white wine from their very own land which goes along in any type of cuisine in the world.  

To find out more about the Sammarinese Cuisine, click here.


    The educational system in the Republic of San Marino is based on the system of Italy. Attending school is mandatory among the young Sammarinese people of ages between six and sixteen. 

Those who graduated high school, after taking a qualifying exam, may attend colleges and universities in Italy, or at the Università degli Studi della Repùbblica di San Marino which offers graduate and postgraduate studies.


    The unemployment rate of San Marino is very low. San Marino’s economy relies heavily on tourism, banking, manufacturing, and exporting of goods. Most of the Sammarinese have their jobs based on those industries. Majority on tourism and manufacturing, and a small portion from farming. In farming, they are rich in their agricultural activities such as growing barley, corn, vegetables, grapes and other fruits, as well as raising livestock. 

Health Care

    The life expectancy of the Sammarinese people is 83.4 years old. In San Marino, they are able to provide an extremely high standard of healthcare. This makes the country consistently rated as one of the top three healthcare providers in Europe. 

The Sammarinese people’s healthcare is funded and provided with a low cost through a network of clinics and a small hospital. There is also private healthcare available in the country. All citizens and those registered as long term residents of the country are entitled by the country’s law to equal access to healthcare. 

Social Security

To learn more about San Marino’s healthcare, click here.

    The Sammarinese people benefit greatly from its social security. There is social insurance available to the Sammarinese elderly and disabled. Additionally, there are also survivorship benefits for the unemployed and the widowed (even though the unemployment rate is very low).

Entertainment and Recreation

    Aside from having busy lives, a lot of Sammarinese give their time to enjoy entertainment and their recreational activities. With sports, many are athletes and enthusiasts especially to popular games such as football, basketball, and volleyball. 

Learn more about the Sports in San Marino here.

In addition to the variety of sports and outdoor activities, the Sammarinese enjoy socializing at cafe’s, shopping, attending movies, concerts, and plays. Some with great taste for the visual arts stroll around their magnificent museums and churches to view their beautiful fine art and sculptures.

To summarize this, these are the different aspects of the Sammarinese Life, in which in great pride have been able to maintain such serenity for more than six centuries despite being a small nation landlocked by Italy. As a result of this, it has been stated that the Sammarinese are able to live in freedom and security with great sustainability in all aspects.

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