Posted by: Consulate of the Republic of San Marino | June 21, 2021

Vaccination Tourism in San Marino

By: Estelle Via Perello

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a lot of devastating effect especially on the tourism industry all over the world. However, some countries always find their own ways to overcome these bad situations. One of these countries is the Most Serene Republic of San Marino through its Vaccination Tourism Campaign.

What is it about?

For positive development, the Republic of San Marino has decided to combine vaccination campaigns with tourism. The country aims to offer vaccination to other nationals and at the same time support the decimated tourism sector.

In this context, the government of San Marino decided to:

  1. Offer two doses of the Sputnik V Vaccine
  2. An Overnight stay of at least three nights twice in 21 days.

What are the requirements to receive the Vaccine?

There is no need to worry about who would receive the vaccine because almost everyone is eligible. 

  1. Persons not resident in Italy and allowed to enter and move in San Marino according to the law in force.
  2. Aged between 18 and 84 years old.
  3. Persons not identified as being “clinically vulnerable”

What steps are to be followed?

Here are the guidelines according to the official tourism website of San Marino:

  1. Book two (2) stays at one of the accommodation facilities indicated in the list of hotels. Two periods of at least three consecutive nights each are required, with no less than 21 days and no more than 28 days in between the two stays

The first night shall not fall on a Saturday, and arrivals on a Friday, or on the day before a public holiday shall be before 12:00 (noon). Vaccination, which will be scheduled by the accommodation manager upon confirmation of the reservation, will be carried out on the day of arrival or the following day.

List of Hotel

2. Bear the cost of €50.00 for vaccination, which is apart from hotel accommodation.

This is an interesting strategy made by the country, by taking advantage of their small population and territory as well as their available resources. Because of this, a lot of people from all over the world started to book going to San Marino right away. 

For more information, visit:

You can also learn about the Vaccination Tourism Regulation in this PDF:

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