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Must-Visit Historical Places in San Marino!

By: Estelle Via Perello

We all know now that the Most Serene Republic of San Marino’s Mount Titano and Historical Centre is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Although the country may be small, it is fascinating how its people have great propelling force in preserving their culture, ways, traditions, and form of governance.

The Physical evidence of what they have treasured for are their Historical Sites. These are the beautiful museums, churches, castles, and buildings from iconic-postcard views; all built from the previous centuries in which up until today are still in function! 

With this being said, as San Marino is famous for their Tourism, they made these historical sights open for the public. All be able to see them in full sight and be fascinated by its medieval beauty and an influence of the fervent period of the Renaissance. This includes its internal and external structures, as well as the archaic items that can be seen inside… Wondering what these places are?

Today, we are going to talk about the must-visit places in Città di San Marino

Città di San Marino is the capital of the Republic of San Marino. The city is considered to be the oldest of the country as this is where its founder, San Marino stood and lived a life of a hermit in holy contemplation along with the initial christian community. Today, most of the beautiful, interesting, and historical places stood in this very city, where a lot of people are looking forward to visiting. 

Here are the 5 must-visit places in the Republic of San Marino!

1. Three Fortresses of San Marino

The Three Towers of San Marino is a famous site in the country that often attracts visitors. These towers are located on the ridges of Mount Titano and are depicted on the coat of arms and flag of San Marino.

When viewing from each of the towers, tourists can watch the stunning views of the coastal plain, Apennine Mountains, City of Rimini, and the far-stretched calming sea. All of the towers are connected with a paved path. In the lower part of the paved path, kiosks that sell souvenirs, drinks, and snacks can be found for visitors to purchase.

  • Guaita (1st tower from the 11th Century) – Also known as “La Rocca”. This tower is the oldest and the most famous of the three and was constructed to be used as a prison.
  • Cesta (2nd tower from the 13th Century) – Also known as “Falesia” or “Fratta”. This tower is located at the highest peak of Mount Titano. It is now home to a museum in honour of Saint Marinus, the founder of the country. 

Here, it showcases over “1,550 weapons” dating from the medieval era to the modern day.

  • Montale (3rd tower from the 14th Century) – This tower is the smallest of the three towers. It was both an observation tower and prison. In the 17th century, the tower played a key role in protecting San Marino during the war with the House of Malatesta. 

Unlike the other towers, this tower is not open for the public and it is privately owned.

To see pictures and more information about the three fortresses, visit:

2. Basilica di San Marino

The Basilica di San Marino is one of the well-known attractions in San Marino. It is a Catholic church that is considered to be the “main religious building in the country” as it is dedicated to the founder and the patron saint of San Marino, St. Marinus. This is also where the relics of St. Marinus are conserved. 

The basilica seen today was built in 1826 with a Neo-classical architecture style by Antonio Serra, an architect from Bologna. It is famous for its outer design of having a portico of Corinthian columns and a Massive bell tower with Romanic-style. 

An interesting part of this is that At the front entrance of the basilica, there is a portico in which a text is inscribed in Latin:


To translate it in English, it means: 

“St. Marinus, father of the Country, the Bearer of Freedom 

for the Senate and the People.”

To visit the Basilica, it is located at Piazzale Domus Plebis, right at the edge of the capital of the Republic of San Marino.

To see pictures and more information about the Basilica di San Marino, visit:

3. Museo di Stato of San Marino

The Museo di Stato, popularly known as the “National Museum of San Marino”, is an astonishing museum in which features stunning collections that belongs to the commencement of the Stone age period specifically the Neolithic era and Ancient ages such as the Roman era, Egyptian era, and the Etruscan era. 

Inside the Museum, there are about 5,000 items to find such as artworks, relics, and archaeological finds from the Prehistoric period until the Renaissance period, spread over 4 levels. All of these were donated from the private collections of Italian political and intellectual figures as an admiration to this fabulous museum.

To visit the Museo di Stato, it is located at the Piazzetta del Titano, housed in the beautiful Palazzo Pergami Belluzzi.

To see pictures and more information about the Museo di Stato, visit:

4. Palazzo Pubblico

The Palazzo Pubblico of San Marino is a well-known and worth-seeing town hall of the Citta di San Marino, having it known as the “official government building”. It is the heart of the political scene and history of San Marino. It can be visited for a fee.

This is usually where the official State ceremonies are being held. It is the seat of the Republic’s main institutional and administrative bodies: 

  • The Captains Regent 
  • The Grand and General Council 
  • The Council of XII 
  • The Congress of State

The overall design of this building is similar to the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, Italy but on a much smaller scale. To visit the Palazzo Pubblico, it is located at the Liberty Square in the heart of San Marino’s Historic Centre.

To see pictures and more information about the Palazzo Pubblico, visit:

5. Museum of Curiosities of San Marino

The Republic of San Marino’s Museo delle Curiosità or Museum of Curiosities is “one of the most entertaining and fascinating museums in the country”. Although not historical, some of its items are from centuries before.

It comprises a collection of strange yet fascinating items and unique inventions, all a total of more than a hundred that came from the past centuries. All Items are displayed along with their stories. Along with that, there are also displays that feature unusual people.

To visit the Museum of Curiosities, it is located in Salita Alla Rocca, Città di San Marino.

To see pictures and more information about the Museum of Curiosities, visit:

It is indeed a great creation and work of art of how these structures are built, preserved, and still be in function… not just for the Sammarinese people but also for those who would love to visit the beautiful country as well.

Which of these famous historical places of the Republic of San Marino would you like to visit first?



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