San Marino’s Constitution

     For the longest time that there had been recorded arguments of countries and states on which came first, and which came last, who owns this and who owns that and who started it all and who ended it well. the humble state of San Marino will not let others outshined itself. it has been claimed that this pocket-sized country entails the oldest constitution that is still taking effect.

     The Constitution of San Marino is the oldest existing constitution in the world, for a sovereign state. Enacted on october 8, 1600, it is basically distributed over a number of legislative instruments and the declaration on Human Rights. The constitutional system was  influenced by the Corpus Juris Civilis and Roman customary law.

     The legal system of San Marino was a “compilation of Statuti written by Camillo Bonelli, covering the institutions and practices of Sammarinese government and justice at that time.”  written in latin, the title of the statute is ” Statuta Decreta ac Ordinamenta Illustris Reipublicae ac Perpetuae Libertatis Terrae Sancti Marini” 

     It is also in the constitution where the discussion and interpretation of various councils of San Marino, Courts, administrative positions, can be fond. And did you know that the San Marino constitution also includes a proper interpretation of the provisions and how it must be altered and promulgated.


contributing writer:  Bea Fortuno

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